AI and Machine Learning Conversational AI (Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding, Speech and Voice Analytics)

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Cloud Description

Experts in this TalentCloud should be able to deal with unstructured data such as emails, text messages, notes, voice data, and semi-structured data in combination with structured data. This TalentCloud requires you to build NLP Machine Learning/Deep Learning models using open stack programming languages (mainly Python/PySpark/PyTorch).

Required Skills

  • Extensive experience as a data scientist with a focus on NLP and NLU
  • Proficient in Python 
  • Proficient in deep learning 
  • Expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP) 
  • Proficient in NLTK, PyTorch, spaCy, TensorFlow, Keras, Gensim 
  • Hands-on experience writing data processing and data pipeline for unstructured data model development including gathering and building datasets to collect intents, cleaning noisy data, designing feedback loop on data needs 
  • Experience building intent recognition and classification models
  • Experience with phrase level identification
  • Hands-on experience with transformers such as BERT and ELMO models
  • Experience with active learning and reinforcement learning 
  • Experience with Named Entity Recognition models
  • Experience in cloud platforms such as GCP, AWS, or Azure

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Experience with Spark
  • Experience with Google Natural Language API and Stanford’s Core NLP

Are you an Expert in this field?

If you possess proficiency in any of the skills in this field, you can apply to this TalentCloud. Once you have been approved to join this Cloud, you will be able to access exclusive contract opportunities from our clients.