Big Data Data Governance

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Popular roles in this TalentCloud

  • Data Steward
  • Data Catalog / Metadata Engineer

Cloud Description

Experts in this TalentCloud specialize in managing the information flow for organizations, including the integrity, efficiency, and availability of data. This TalenCloud seeks experts who can lead and manage organization-wide data governance activities and be responsible for improving the quality and managing the protection of sensitive data and information assets. TalentCloud members are expected to adhere to an enterprise data governance framework for data policies, standards, and practices. Developing and implementing data standards, guaranteeing metadata is captured correctly, and creating methods for monitoring and reporting any data incidents. 

  • Monitor application personnel to ensure they are following data governance procedures
  • Create and maintain common data dictionaries and the tools or methods that support data standards for an organization
  • Data governance analysts can analyze and oversee strategies designed to enhance data reliability and minimize redundancies. They could work with other information technology personnel to develop data quality standards
  • Data governance analysts can create key performance indicators and supply colleagues and organizational management with performance results. They can also assist with data monitoring and provide organizational management with guidance on streamlining data management
  • Establish and govern an enterprise data governance implementation roadmap including strategic priorities for the development of information-based capabilities
  • Roll out an enterprise-wide data governance framework, with a focus on the improvement of data quality and the protection of sensitive data through modifications to organization behavior policies and standards, principles, governance metrics, processes, related tools and data architecture
  • Define roles and responsibilities related to data governance and ensure clear accountability for the stewardship of the company’s principal information assets
  • Serve as a liaison between Business and Functional areas and technology to ensure that data related business requirements for protecting sensitive data are clearly defined, communicated and well understood, and considered as part of operational prioritization and planning
  • Develop and maintain an inventory of the enterprise information maps, including authoritative systems, owners
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of data quality standards, data protection standards, and adoption requirements across the enterprise
  • Define indicators of performance and quality metrics and ensure compliance with data related policies, standards, roles and responsibilities, and adoption requirements
  • Lead Senior Management, comprising resources from the Business and Functional areas and IT business and operations functions, to achieve their objectives; resolve issues escalated from Business and Functional areas data governance representatives
  • Coordinate external data sources to eliminate redundancy and streamline the expense related to those services
  • Identify new business opportunities pertaining to the use of information assets to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace / represent data as a strategic business asset at the Senior Management table
  • Develop control structures within a simple environment to ensure the accuracy and quality of data through all upstream and downstream data channels
  • Provide thought leadership and participate with projects that involve any of the upstream or downstream data flows and processes
  • Ensure controls are in place over applications to ensure the data integrity by performing data integrity gap analysis
  • Coordinate the resolution of data integrity gaps by working with the business owners and IT.
  • Work with business partners to gather and understand functional requirements, develop complex queries and provide reports

Required Skills

  • Excellent technical abilities are the most important asset for data governance analysts, as they are responsible for ensuring an organization's data is accessible
  • Relevant technical skills or knowledge may include database modeling principles, SQL, Security Master, and Microsoft Office
  • Strong communication skills in order to interact with internal and external stakeholders
  • Effective analytical abilities in order to examine infrastructures and make recommendations on improvements
  • Strong project management skills in order to manage daily operations or oversee information technology personnel
  • Knowledge of industry-leading data quality and data protection management practices
  • Knowledge of data governance practices, business, and technology issues related to the management of enterprise information assets, and approaches related to data protection
  • Knowledge of data related government regulatory requirements and emerging trends and issues
  • Demonstrated consulting skills with change management concepts and strategies, including communication, culture change, and performance measurement system design
  • Knowledge of risk data architecture and technology solutions
  • Internally and externally recognized subject matter expert that influence the way things are done

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