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  • Cloud Network Engineer (AWS)
  • Cloud Network Engineer (Azure)
  • Cloud Network Engineer (GCP)
  • Cloud Network Engineer (IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Other)

Cloud Description

This TalentCloud is seeking experts who have the ability to solve network connectivity issues, add/modify NAT entries and firewall rules to enable connectivity. Moreover, the experts should be able to provide network configuration support and document client requirements. Other tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the Cloud Network Engineer would be:

  • Work with clients to ensure that data flow diagrams are accurately completed to provide exact network connectivity
  • Coordinate required changes working alongside other network and firewall teams
  • Support Cloud Architects to provide operations and migration services that allow organizations/clients to style the availability and delivery of cloud computing services following business and technical requirements
  • Responsible for the upgrade, installation, and configuration of a monitoring solution for AWS, Windows, and Linux servers
  • Provide reports on current infrastructure status and plan for future usage
  • Responsible for the configuration and support of backbones connection over DirectConnect (AWS), ExpressRoute (Azure), and an array of direct BPE connection handled over CSR1000
  • Utilize approved tools to verify and take required action on events aggregated from network monitoring tools and Web Application Firewall
  • Responsible for troubleshooting to ascertain the root cause of issues
  • Perform network system updates, patches, and configuration changes
  • Map network layouts and configure systems to user environments.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, automate, & implement network in GCP environment utilizing Cloud-native network and security services
  • Design, automate, & implement network in AWS environment utilizing Cloud-native network and security services
  • Design & implement 3rd party virtual devices (e.g. Cisco CSRs, Palo Alto Firewalls, Panorama) in AWS/GCP to close gaps where cloud-native solution are not meeting company requirements
  • Engages with 3rd party vendors in order to assess and validate market offerings and opportunities to enhance the company's value proposition
  • Work with security & application team to meet business needs and implement redundant, resilient, high-performance network
  • Offer technical insights in order to recommend and support strategic investments in network technologies
  • Ability to review and approve highly technical engineering designs produced by their team in order to ensure sustainability and best industry practice for network platforms
  • Deep understanding of the requirements of operational support to ensure that all designs meet the requirements of our business units
  • Maintain strong feedback loops with development and operations teams globally in order to ensure the continuous improvement of our catalog of offerings

Key Skill Requirements

  • SME in Cloud network technologies (security groups, TGW, DxGW, Route 53 DNS, external & internal Load Balancing)
  • Expert in Infrastructure-as-Code (such as Terraform, ARM Templates, CloudFormation) to perform automation of network & security virtual appliance deployment in the Cloud environment
  • Expert level experience with Load Balancers (such as F5 - GTM/ GLB), & Infoblox in order to design & implement multi-region cloud access for internal applications
  • Expert level experience with Cloud connectivity options (such as Direct Connect, Express Route) utilizing Cloud Partner Services like Equinix
  • Expert-level working knowledge of WAN including the following protocols/topologies: MPLS, QoS, BGP, DMVPN, OSPF
  • Expert knowledge of Routers, Switches, Proxies & Firewalls
  • Monitoring and management tools expert (Net Brain, Tufin, Solarwinds, Provider 1, Panorama Network)
  • Segmentation in order to FISMA, FedRamp, PCI compliance
  • Experience designing and operating multi-region Cloud Environment for internal and external customers & clients
  • Strong knowledge of cloud, IAAS, and service-oriented infrastructure

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