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Popular roles in this TalentCloud

  • Cloud Security Architect (AWS)
  • Cloud Security Architect (Azure)
  • Cloud Security Architect (GCP)
  • Cloud Security Architect (IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Other)

Cloud Description

Experts in this TalentCloud are expected to understand their systems thoroughly. Following that, they research, plan, and devise resilient security mechanisms. They carry out risk assessments, test for vulnerabilities, perform security evaluations, research security systems and standards and authentication protocols. Architects state requirements for routers, LANs (local area networks), WANs (wide area networks), firewalls, VPNs (virtual private networks), and other susceptible network devices. 

Moreover, the architects need to strategize public key infrastructures (PKIs), including the use of digital signatures and certification authorities (CAs). They are required to examine and certify installations of servers, routers, VPNs, and firewalls, and be able to inspect final security mechanisms to confirm that they are functioning as they should.

Architects should be able to monitor and guide the security team, and outline, implement and take ownership of an organization’s security policies and processes. Finally, the TalentCloud experts should be able to ensure that security systems are updated and upgraded as per requirements, and educate users on security issues. 

Whenever issues related to security arise, they should take measures to resolve them immediately and document these processes for future use.

Required Skills

The Security Architect is responsible for leading the development of information security architecture and ensuring technology initiatives are implemented within the framework to make cloud environments more secure. The Security Architect will be accountable for securing enterprise information by identifying network and application security requirements, planning, implementing and testing security controls and procedures.


  • Work closely with enterprise architects to identify and mitigate risks, perform security reviews, design top tier security practices, and deliver strategic, innovative cloud-based security offerings
  • Propose, design, plan and execute strategic and tactical operational security objectives
  • Perform deep analysis and develop metrics that measure current risk and effectively evaluate and manage threats
  • Identify appropriate technology/data sources and drive the collection of data necessary to effectively evaluate threats
  • Communicate threat intelligence and vulnerability management options
  • Analyze threats and current security controls to identify gaps in current defensive posture

Required Skills

  • Identity and Access Management principles, including B2B and B2C cloud design and implementation
  • Architecture and security management
  • Solid understanding of security best practices
  • Securing network and enterprise cloud applications
  • Privileged access management technologies
  • Security frameworks, such as ISO/IEC 27001, NIST 800-53 or OWASP
  • Building a security framework, SIRRP process and/or forensic handling methods
  • Knowledge of host hardening, auditing, logging and monitoring, network security, SEIM deployments, security analytics, anomaly detections, PKI
  • Market understanding of industry trends for cybersecurity, risk & threat intelligence, and governance
  • Proven implementation of cloud security models, particularly identity, network, and encryption
  • Demonstrated understanding of various vendor's security technologies and strategy
  • Program management skills and solution support for security transformation/implementation programs

Nice-to-have Skills

  • Certifications may include: CISSP, CISM, Microsoft Mobility MCP Exam 98-368, or other meaningful certifications

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