DevOps DevOps Architect

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Cloud Description

Experts in this TalentCloud are responsible for building platforms and frameworks to create consistent, verifiable, and automatic management of applications and infrastructure between non-production and production environments. Experts should be able to manage the software development process and create an automated delivery pipeline that assists in building software more efficiently. 


  • Assessing, supporting, and implementing high-quality information technology architecture
  • Facilitating the development process and operations
  • Creating suitable DevOps channels across the organization
  • Establishing continuous build environments to speed up software development
  • Designing efficient practices and delivering comprehensive best practices
  • Managing and reviewing technical operations
  • Working closely with the development, QA, and data teams to operationalize and automate end-to-end development and data management practices
  • Analyzing, executing, and streamlining DevOps practices
  • Automating processes with the right tools
  • Facilitating development process and operations
  • Setting up a continuous build environment to speed up software development and deployment process
  • Guiding developers and operation teams in case of an issue
  • Monitoring, reviewing, and managing technical operations
  • Ability to manage teams with a leadership mindset
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, Agile based development environment and responsible for providing operational support and bug/fix to existing applications as well as supporting enhancement release and new development

Required Skills

  • Strong knowledge in traditional release engineering/build engineering practices
  • Strong experience with tools such as Jenkins and CircleCI
  • Experience with infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Strong knowledge of DevOps platform tooling (OpenShift, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Strong knowledge of Unix Scripting languages - bash, awk, sed, Windows Powershell
  • DevOps architects should automate the process with proper tools
  • Evaluating, implementing, and streamlining DevOps practices
  • Establishing a continuous build environment to accelerate software deployment and development processes
  • Helping operations and development teams to solve their problems
  • Providing a DevOps process and operations
  • Experience in handling automated deployment CI/CD tools
  • Strong analytical skills

Are you an Expert in this field?

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