Internet of Things IoT Embedded Engineer

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Cloud Description

This TalentCloud seeks experts who can take a set of IoT requirements and implement them in an embedded development environment. The TalentCloud members are expected to be able to assess available technologies (development or embedded boards) and recommend a selection. Other responsibilities include:

  • Deliver design and software for a deployable IoT product that can be mass designed
  • Responsible for developing an IoT device using embedded technologies
  • Work with Product Manager on meeting market requirements
  • Work with the supplier of embedded boards and development kits
  • Understand I/O, data processing, data model, and connectivity
  • Understand communication protocols and device provisioning
  • Deliver deployable embedded IoT product integrated with the solution

Required Skills

  • Proven hardware and software skills knowing about microcontrollers and embedded computing platforms (ARM Cortex, RaspberryPi, embedded Linux, and PC)
  • Ability to use chip manufacturer development platforms and integrate them with the pipeline
  • Understand the 4 core IoT components (devices, connectivity, IoT platforms, and applications) and how they work together
  • Knowing how to bring up an IoT solution starting with the initial Tracer Bullet and evolving it to a full pipeline solution
  • Programming languages (C, Python, Java)
  • Device software (RTOS, device agents)
  • Device communication protocols (LAN, WiFi, BLE, cellular, LTEm)
  • IoT data protocols (MQTT, JSON, XML) and internet protocols (HTTP, UDP, etc.)
  • Use of development environments and tools for embedded development
  • Work with device manufacturers to turn a design into IoT devices
  • Device configuration using direct connect and over connectivity

Preferred Skills

  • Proven direct experience with hardware and devices (as a hobby or working for a company)
  • Ability to show IoT development skills (examples of projects and results)
  • Knowledge about web or mobile application including application protocols and APIs
  • Knowledge about IoT cloud/enterprise platform (AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, or equivalent)
  • Experience in working with product management
  • Use agile methodology and work in an agile team
  • BS in EE or Computer Engineering degree / Computer Science with proven hardware development components

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