Internet of Things IoT Operations Engineer

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Cloud Description

The IoT Operations Engineer TalentCloud seeks experts who can research and implement methods for monitoring the operational status of all aspects of the IoT solution. Additional expectations for the TalentCloud are:

  • The engineers accepted in this cloud should be able to work with team members responsible for the IoT solution
  • The expectations are to work in a connected IoT project environment where each agile task is closely linked to other project parts
  • Developing operations monitoring solution for IoT solution¬†
  • Developing new monitoring solutions or integrate existing systems
  • The device, connectivity, enterprise/cloud IoT platform, APIs, and applications
  • Responsible for connectivity implementing operations solution

Required Skills

  • Experience in developing monitoring solutions for business, web, or telecommunications systems
  • Understand the 4 core IoT components: devices, connectivity, IoT platforms (including DB and App Servers), and applications
  • Evaluate operations monitoring needs and turn them into a requirement for each IoT system
  • Work with product management/customers to understand IoT solution monitoring use cases and user profiles for them
  • Work with the solution architect to incorporate monitoring requirements into IoT solution architecture
  • Create stories associated with the IoT solution
  • Agile project experience and an ability to create Epics and manage the creation of associated stories
  • Experience with monitoring platforms for cloud computing platforms
  • Experience with monitoring solutions for web and mobile applications
  • Experience with monitoring protocols (SNMP) and methodologies
  • Proven ability to work in an Agile product development environment
  • Participate in Agile SCRUMs and proven ability to deliver sprints and releases
  • Demonstrable ability to take an Agile story and turn it into a deliverable (step-by-step description of approach)

Preferred Skills

  • Experience from a NOC or web operation environment
  • Experience using a cloud computing or web monitoring tool
  • Show project focused on a monitoring solution for one system
  • Knowledge of monitoring products and applications connected to a cloud computing platform
  • Experience of working within a 4-5 person SCRUM team
  • SysOps certification
  • BS in computer science or relevant engineering degree

Are you an Expert in this field?

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