Internet of Things IoT Solutions Architect

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Cloud Description

The Architects in the IoT Solutions Architect TalentCloud should be able to design the architecture and implementation addressing the 4 IoT core components (devices, connectivity, IoT platforms, and applications) and understand how they work together. Additional expectations are:

  • This TalentCloud seeks experts with extensive experience in designing end-to-end solutions involving products, connectivity, and web/mobile-based applications
  • They should have the ability to create data models, select protocols, evaluate platforms and choose the best application and integration platforms
  • Turns requirements into an implementable IoT architecture
  • Data models and processing, IoT components, security solution, and applications

Required Skills

  • Experience in architecting solutions that incorporate hardware connected to applications and integrated with business and customers
  • Experience in architecting web applications and integrating the back end with business systems
  • Experience in working with product management and engineering stakeholders as well as IT functions and operations
  • Understand IoT solutions and how to architect them based on best-in-class components and technologies
  • Understand the 4 core IoT components: devices, connectivity, IoT platforms, and applications
  • Understand how data is created and processed throughout the architecture including edge processing, application processing, requests, and commands
  • Understand data models and their importance in IoT for data and analytics
  • Implement future-proofed data models that can be evolved
  • Understand different types of data handled in an IoT architecture including data, events, alarms, sets, images, analytics, monitoring, management, and provisioning
  • Understand the nature of data handled including representation and characteristics. time-series, deterministic, random
  • Design a common data architecture and how it should be implemented across the solution including formats, protocols, communications, processing platforms, databases, and applications
  • Implement security architecture and operational/monitoring functions

Preferred Skills

  • 4+ years experience as a Systems Architect working with complex connected products, web/mobile applications, and back-office systems
  • End-to-End data expertise from the device level to database implementation
  • Experience in web/mobile application¬†
  • Experience in cloud computing architecture (certification a plus)
  • Experience in connectivity, communication, and protocol knowledge (LAN, web, computer, industrial)
  • Exposure to Hardware and Embedded Computing (academic or work experience)
  • Exposure to APIs and web services
  • Agile exposure thereby understanding how the IoT architecture will be implemented in a step-by-step approach
  • Turning systems architecture into Agile Epics and stories
  • BS or MS in Engineering or CS with a systems engineering focus

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