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  • ServiceNow Evangelist
  • Business Process Architect
  • UX Experience Engineer / Architect
  • Developer

Cloud Description

The Innovation TalentCloud focusses on Evangelists, Business Process Architects, UX Experience Engineers or Architects, and Developers, who are not only knowledgeable and experienced in the overall Now Platform but also create value from the Now Platform beyond the various Workflows Products. Deliver innovative solutions from the Now Platform by designing, producing, or supporting a value proposition for external customers. This means going beyond digitization and into digitalization as new business model changes are identified as part of a new product or service. This process is fundamentally different than what is expected from the day-to-day flow of value through the Product Team Model. The Innovation Team is primarily focused on Digital Business Transformation through the design of custom applications on the Now Platform. The scope of the innovation program could also uniquely support the strategic objectives of the organization’s Working in New Ways initiative. All of the TalentCloud roles are aligned with the Innovation component of the ServiceNow Operating Model.

Now Platform Components: Flow Designer, Knowledge Management, Service Level Management, Automation Discovery, Reporting, Service Portal, Employee Center, Service Catalog, Benchmarks, Visual Task Boards, Surveys and Assessments, Virtual Agent, Predictive Intelligence, Performance Analytics, Mobile App Builder, AI Search, Process Optimization, and Automated Testing Framework (ATF)

IT Workflows Products: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), Operational Technology Management (OTM), Security Operations (SecOps), or Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Employee Workflows Products: HR Service Delivery (HRSD), Workplace Service Delivery, Legal Service Delivery, Procurement Service Management, or Safe Workplace Suite

Customer Workflows Products: Customer Service Management (CSM), Field Service Management (FSM), Financial Services Operations, Telecommunications Service Management, Technology Provider Service Management, Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management, and Public Sector Digital Services

Creator Workflows Products: App Engine, Automation Engine, and Integration Hub

ServiceNow Evangelist

  • At least three (3) years of experience working with the Now Platform and direct working knowledge in at least two (2) Workflows Products.
  • Focus on Business Objectives and Platform Vision coming from the Executive Steering Board through the lens of external innovation and Working in New Ways
  • Responsible for evangelizing ServiceNow across the organization, ensuring that the Platform Strategy is known by business stakeholders and thus applied to applicable external innovation use cases
  • Navigate the complexity of Product Management via guidance outlined in the Cynefin Framework and Design Thinking
  • Champion new User Experience related improvements, like Workspaces, AI, Virtual Agent, that often require more Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Create and maintain the organization’s ServiceNow Innovation Strategy, presenting at the Executive Steering Board when necessary
  • Serve as the ServiceNow Innovation Lead throughout the ServiceNow Operating Model, assisting in defining new ways of working for all stakeholders
  • Maximize value of the platform by identifying areas of opportunity that could be explored further by the Executive Steering Board and Platform Owner

Business Process Architect

  • Serve as the liaison for all Business Process Management within the Now Platform
  • Manage large-scale, cross-functional, complex process improvements
  • Support the creation and continuous improvement of Business Services
  • Analyze and develop solutions that facilitate continuous productivity, capacity, and quality improvement across the organization
  • Conduct proactive and consistent research to identify process improvement opportunities including areas of focus, scoping of the effort, prioritization, key deliverables, and desired business outcomes
  • Assist Product Owners and Developers to ensure accurate and consistent analysis and reporting of process improvement deliverables
  • Assess which methodologies to apply and the tools and techniques to utilize as part of effectively applying each of them to process improvement projects
  • Manage relationships with executive business partners and sponsors to help them understand Business Cases and to foster a culture of continuous improvement across the organization

UX Experience Engineer / Architect

  • Minimum of three (3) years of working experience in creating and implementing UI design within ServiceNow, particularly Service Portal and Employee Center solutions
  • Contribute to the ideation and concept development of products and services
  • Design user experiences that are intuitive and in-line with current design trends and concepts, delivering wireframes, user stories, user journeys, and mockups optimized for a wide range of ServiceNow use cases
  • Translate high-level objectives and design principles into visual designs
  • Participate in Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking frameworks
  • Participate in user research activities and reconcile the findings with known business needs as well as known and unknown product opportunities
  • Rapidly develop behavioral prototypes, workflows, final designs, hi-fidelity mockups and lightweight design specifications for developers to implement
  • Experience with coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular JS


  • Have at least four (4) years of senior development experience in at least three (3) of the Workflows Products as well as working knowledge of the Now Platform Components listed above
  • Responsible for gathering requirements / user stories, working together with ServiceNow Evangelist, Business Process Architect, UX Experience Engineer or Architect
  • Responsible for developing custom applications that leverage the open architecture and capabilities of the Now Platform
  • Design and implement a user                  interface taking into consideration usability, form design, platform (desktop and smartphone) and enhancing the user experience with scripts
  • Manage applications including migration, installing, and managing source code
  • Knowledge of the Creator Workflows components: App Engine and Automation Engine
  • Participate in Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking frameworks
  • Possess the following ServiceNow certifications: Certified Application Developer (CAD)
  • Actively participate in the ServiceNow Community in an Application Developer capacity
  • Experience with Web Technologies (XML, HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, Web Services, etc.) including a basic understanding of cloud computing and technical components such as SSL and SAML/SSO

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