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Popular Cloud Architect Roles in this TalentCloud

  • Cloud Solution Architect (AWS)
  • Cloud Solution Architect (Azure)
  • Cloud Solution Architect (GCP)
  • Cloud Solution Architect (IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Other)

Cloud Description

This TalentCloud requires architects with strong expertise in leveraging Cloud environments and service-oriented architecture principles to define and own Solution Architecture (applications and data technologies). Other tasks, abilities, and responsibilities may include:

  • The experts should be able to work with clients to design a full-stack solution using software that fully integrates with customer’s existing cloud infrastructure from data flow, security, DevOps, and other standpoints
  • Propose suggestions and best practices to optimize customers’ cloud presence, performance, security, and cost
  • Responsible for the evaluation of technical risks and map out mitigation strategies
  • Carry out debugging, troubleshooting, modifications, and unit testing of custom solutions built on the organization/clients’ platform
  • Develop new specs, documentation; and partake in the development of technical procedures and user support guides
  • Responsible for the creation of a well-informed cloud strategy and administer the adoption process
  • Evaluate cloud applications, hardware, and software at regular intervals
  • Develop and organize cloud systems and work closely with IT security to monitor the company’s cloud privacy
  • Provide prompt response to technical issues in a professional manner
  • Direct infrastructure movement procedure, including bulk application transfers into the cloud environment
  • Responsible for spotting the cloud architecture solutions to effectively meet the strategic needs of the company

Required Skills

  • Experience with API based applications
  • Skilled in solutions architect of large scale, high performance, and enterprise complex systems
  • Define the Cloud Architecture for cloud migration solutions
  • Deep understanding of IaaS and PaaS services offered on cloud platforms and understand how to use them together to build complex solutions
  • Ensure that all cloud solutions follow security and compliance controls
  • Establishment on an automated DevOps release management pipeline that delivers tooling for next-generation application development efforts (the Dev) and on-going production operations (the Ops)
  • Cultivate a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery mindset
  • Partner with development and operations teams to develop practical automation solutions and custom modules. Troubleshoot automation issues and find practical solutions that move projects forward in a timely manner
  • Be a trusted automation and tooling advisor for DevOps initiatives by providing objective, practical and relevant ideas, insights, and advice
  • Plan, organize, and control multiple responsibilities to achieve project objectives; technically guide projects through to completion. Ensure deliverables are completed within target timeframes and are consistent with high-quality
  • Work with teams to bring continuous improvement to ALM processes and tools. Develop and own KPIs to ensure performance is measured against expected business outcomes