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  • Digital Finance and Remittance Expert
  • Disputes Operations Analyst
  • Financial Operational Analyst
  • FinTech Development Engineer
  • Payments Analyst
  • Payments Operations Analyst
  • Research Engineer

Cloud Description

  • Payments Engineers must have experience in any of the following areas: digital payments processing, digital card development, digital (international and domestic) money transfer, and digital tracking software, digital commerce, mobile POS payments, fraud detection, or forensics
  • Provide direct technical and financial support to financial institutions and payment service providers, especially money transfer operators, to test new migrant-centric financial products and remittance use-cases beyond wallet-based payments
  • Provide support and worked with financial institutions to assist with the launch of new financial offerings through targeted and focused pilots
  • Engage with the various financial stakeholders to work towards a conducive policy and regulatory environment
  • Develop new digital financial products based on payments or remittances
  • Lead AI/ML and related technologies in support of priorities working to improve detection and reduce payments fraud
  • Establish relationships with business units and/or technology offices within financial institutions, trade associations, and advocacy groups to foster dialogue on AI and security related issues
  • Implement strategic financial (i.e., billing and payment) operations to support large scale transaction systems
  • Develop mission-critical systems that ensure all monetization capabilities with high quality and scalability

Preferred Education

  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree or an equivalent combination of education and/or technical training

Required Skills

  • 3+ years of experience in digital banking, digital payments, financial service sector, international remittances, or related experience
  • Fluency in the qualitative research and synthesis to ideation, prototyping, and implementation
  • Passion for the digital payments space and will be well-read and researched on new global consumer payment trends
  • Strong technical aptitude in systems that support the payments ecosystem and fraud detection, prevention, and mitigation as it relates to payments or online banking transactions
  • Ability to liaise with stakeholders across different sectors and hierarchies
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong analytical, reporting, and writing skills
  • Ability to plan, organize, implement and report on work
  • Team-oriented and creative, and not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledge of advanced analytics techniques, including machine learning, Bayesian statistics, regression, classification, and/or clustering
  • Familiarity with subjects such as probability and statistics, cryptography, and distributed systems; especially as they apply to AI/ML
  • Some competency with R, Python, Hadoop/Spark, Linux, Shiny/Tableau, Elasticsearch/Kibana.
  • Experience in developing statistical models, algorithms, and analytics on large datasets, preferably in the financial services industry
  • Experience utilizing or evaluating applied data and computer science technologies in finance or other adjacent sectors
  • Experience with the entire software development cycle
  • Experience driving the architecture, engineering, and software design of large-scale, multi-tiered, distributed software applications, databases, tools, systems, and services a plus
  • Fundamentals in data structures, algorithms, and software design a plus

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