Internet of Things IoT Implementation Director

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Cloud Description

This TalentCloud seeks IoT Implementation Directors with extensive experience in building end-to-end IoT solutions. This includes device/gateway, connectivity (NFC, LAN, WAN), IoT platform, applications (web, mobile, messaging). Other responsibilities and skills include:

  • All experts should be able to assess requirements, perform architecture and technology selection, and based on resourcing, budgeting and scheduling requirements find suppliers and identify resources
  • The IoT Implementation Directors must be able to take responsibility for the implementation
  • They should be able to create Agile Epics and work with the SCRUM manager to populate these with stories
  • Responsible for end-to-end implementation
  • Architecture selection (device, connectivity, data gathering, applications)
  • Technology selection (device, connectivity, data gathering, applications, other)
  • Supplier selection (platform, devices, connectivity, software)
  • Resourcing and budgeting

Required Skills

  • Understanding IoT in all its technology, business, and implementation angles such as solutions, suppliers, competitive landscape, business model, etc.
  • Understand the 4 core IoT components: devices, connectivity, IoT platforms, and applications
  • Comprehend IoT solution requirements and be able to translate these into technology/implementation selection
  • Understand use cases and user profiles for them
  • Know underlying technology capabilities and tradeoffs for devices (embedded computing), gateways (gateway agents), connectivity (technologies & protocols), IoT platforms (AWS, Microsoft, Cloud Platforms, Premise platforms), applications (web, mobile, APIs, other)
  • Knowledge about relevant IoT standards
  • Knowledge about IoT security architectures and issues
  • Knowledge about data models used in IoT and how they are implemented using different protocols
  • Knowledge about web protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Understand connectivity platforms and how to implement them and integrate with them
  • Knowing how to bring up an IoT solution starting with Tracer Bullet and evolving it to a full solution
  • Agile project experience along with the ability to create Epics and manage the creation of associated stories
  • Ability to direct project management and technical implementation teams¬†
  • Experience in sourcing product and technologies (know-how to create supplier relationships)

Preferred Skills

  • 5+ years IoT experience working for IoT supplier or implementing IoT solutions
  • Experience with chip technology suppliers and their offerings - ARM, major semiconductor manufacturers
  • Direct experience with IoT hardware and device suppliers
  • Understanding of all relevant IoT connectivity and communication protocols (BLE, ZigBee, LoRaWAN, WiFi, LAN, Cellular, LTEm, NB-IoT)
  • Knowledge of IoT RTOS, Gateway agents, Edge processing, IoT Listeners, Internet protocols, Web applications, Mobile apps (Android & Apple)
  • Experience with IoT platforms (AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT, Google IoT, and specific platforms aimed at verticals)
  • Understand IoT partnering programs and how to use them
  • Track record of creating and managing supplier relationships
  • Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering Training (BS or MS), Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • SCRUM certification