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Popular Cloud Architect Roles in this TalentCloud

  • Developer
  • Product Architect
  • Product Owner
  • Agile Coach
  • Process Analyst

Cloud Description

This TalentCloud focusses on Product Owners, Product Architects, Developers, Agile Coaches, and Process Analysts, who are knowledgeable and experienced in the applicable ServiceNow Workflows product as well as the overall Now Platform. All of the TalentCloud roles are aligned with the Product Team component of the ServiceNow Operating Model. The growing trend is to place a higher emphasis on Digital Product Management, including the ServiceNow Common Service Data Model (CSDM) and thus the overall governance of the Now Platform; as a result, each Product Team is not only designed with a product-centric focus but also aims to decrease the cognitive load across the overall ServiceNow Team. With the Product Team Model, one is expected to create critical “connective tissue” between functional silos, seamlessly connecting people, systems, and processes with enterprise-wide digital workflows and services.

IT Workflows Products: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), Operational Technology Management (OTM), Security Operations (SecOps), and Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Employee Workflows Products: HR Service Delivery (HRSD), Workplace Service Delivery, Legal Service Delivery, Procurement Service Management, or Safe Workplace Suite

Customer Workflows Products: Customer Service Management (CSM), Field Service Management (FSM), Financial Services Operations, Telecommunications Service Management, Technology Provider Service Management, Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management, and Public Sector Digital Services

Creator Workflows Products: App Engine, Automation Engine, and Integration Hub

Now Platform Components: Flow Designer, Knowledge Management, Service Level Management, Automation Discovery, Reporting, Service Portal, Employee Center, Service Catalog, Benchmarks, Visual Task Boards, Surveys and Assessments, Virtual Agent, Predictive Intelligence, Performance Analytics, Mobile App Builder, AI Search, Process Optimization, and Automated Testing Framework (ATF)

Product Owner

  • Minimum of six (6) years of general experience in IT, HR, or Customer Service
  • Develop and own a Product Strategy for each Workflows Product assigned
  • Work directly with Platform Owner, Platform Architect, and Product Architect to drive maturity and efficiency related improvements throughout the Platform Operating Model as well as the applicable Workflows Product
  • Represent the assigned Workflows Product at the Technical Governance Board as new and updated solutions get reviewed
  • Represent the assigned Workflows Product at the Demand Board as new and updated Demands get reviewed
  • Manage the specific Workflows Product development backlog
  • Extend beyond technical expertise with proven management consulting and professional services experience
  • Proficiency with the Now Platform and technical expertise with cloud software solutions, specifically the Platform of Platforms based architecture
  • Own post-implementation solution delivery of the assigned Workflows Product
  • Responsible for consulting on a post-implementation roadmap to improve maturity of the Workflows Product, serving in a Customer Success type role
  • Ideally, possess the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS) that corresponds to one (1) of the following Workflows Products:
    ITSM: CIS-IT Service Management
    ITOM: CIS-Discovery, CIS-Service Mapping, CIS-Event Management, CIS-Application Portfolio Management, or CIS-Cloud Provisioning and Governance
    SPM: CIS-Project Portfolio Management
    ITAM: CIS-Hardware Asset Management or CIS-Software Asset Management
    SecOps: CIS-Security Incident Response or CIS Vulnerability Response
    GRC: CIS-Risk and Compliance or CIS-Vendor Risk Management
    HRSD: CIS-Human Resources
    CSM: CIS-Customer Service Management or CIS-Field Service Management

Product Architect

  • Minimum of four (4) years of general experience in the field of expertise
  • Work directly with Product Owner and Platform Architect to drive maturity and efficiency improvement throughout the ServiceNow Operating Model
  • Represent the assigned Workflows Product at the Technical Governance Board with the purpose of tracking technical debt and enforcing technical standards
  • Determine the appropriate methodologies needed to manage new features, defects, risks, and the removal of technical debt
  • Extend beyond technical expertise with proven management consulting and professional services experience
  • Proficiency with the Now Platform and technical expertise with cloud software solutions, specifically the Platform of Platforms based architecture


  • Have at least three (3) years of development experience in at least one (1) of the Workflows Products as well as working knowledge of the Now Platform Components listed above
  • Responsible for gathering requirements / user stories, working together with Product Architects, Product Owners, and/or a given Implementation Team
  • Responsible for developing scripts (client-side and server-side) and complex workflows, designing forms, and configuring APIs and Integration Hub spokes
  • Responsible for adhering to security best practices, including data and access controls throughout the specific Workflows Product and Now Platform
  • Knowledge of the Creator Workflows components: App Engine and Automation Engine
  • Assist in the review, design, and improvement of ServiceNow processes and procedures while adhering to coding best practices, enforcing out-of-the-box functionality
  • Possess the following ServiceNow certifications: Certified Systems Administrator (CSA)
  • Actively participate in the ServiceNow Community
  • Experience with Web Technologies (XML, HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, Web Services, etc.) including a basic understanding of cloud computing and technical components such as LDAP, VPN, SSL, and SAML/SSO
  • Knowledge and experience developing within the Agile (Scrum or Kanban) methodology
  • Understanding and working experience in using the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and the Common Service Data Model (CSDM)

Agile Coach

  • Coach and mentor Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Product Team members, and senior leaders to enhance Agile/Lean practices, release planning, Agile ceremonies, Kanban, and test-driven developments
  • Develop appropriate improvement and coaching plans to build self-organizing, autonomous Product Teams
  • Assist Product Teams continuously reflect and improve, becoming more effective in their roles and increasing their predictability, collaboration, and quality practices
  • Provide coaching to appropriate business roles interfacing with Product Management
  • Coach and partner with Product Owners for managing backlog to ensure vision, roadmap and personas are well-defined and understood
  • Establish and implement metrics to optimize team delivery and measure business agility in terms of predictability, reliability and adaptability
  • Perform ongoing Agile maturity assessment of any assigned Product Teams
  • Facilitate positive change by providing advice and input on technical direction, tools and processes as well as potentially serve as Scrum Master when needed
  • Leverage consulting and facilitation skills in leading technical teams in the adoption and improvement of Agile mindset
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills and strong time management skills
  • Adaptive coaching style with the ability to work with teams at various levels and in different locations

Process Analyst

  • Create process documentation/workflows, knowledge articles and self-service guidance for IT Services
  • Collect and document business requirements for product, project, and process improvement/automation efforts
  • Facilitate process workflow modeling in order to collaborate on process improvements, automation capabilities, and clearly defined end-to-end use cases
  • Review information and trends to ensure that the output of processes is achieving the desired results and that services are meeting agreed-upon service levels
  • Conduct maturity assessments against the process activities to highlight areas of improvement or concerns
  • Identify issues and risks via a data-driven approach
  • Bring inconsistencies and problems to the attention of management and participate in problem resolution
  • Track major incident management process and ensure adherence of the process and escalation requirements within the various support and delivery areas
  • Prepare incident details for post-mortem incident reviews
  • Extract reports and provide a high-level analysis of data for review
  • Previous working experience as a Business Analyst
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • Critical thinker and creative problem solver with great analytical skills