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Popular Cloud Architect Roles in this TalentCloud

  • Drupal Developer
  • PHP Developer

Cloud Description

Drupal Developers should be able to build web applications using predefined template structures to respond to client needs. The TalentCloud members are also required to participate in client needs assessments, and develop strategy and information architecture, including sitemaps and wireframes. Other tasks, abilities, and responsibilities may include:

  • Develop solutions in Drupal and PHP including, but not limited to application development, web development, and web services
  • Integrate JavaScript frameworks
  • Integrate application with backend databases such as MySQL
  • Support clients’ technical issues with web applications
  • Act as liaison with internal partners and clients to ensure a positive web experience
  • Ensure information design and graphic design of web applications
  • Create associated documentation for web applications
  • Ensure that all documents meet established content standards

Required Skills

  • Extensive experience in developing and maintaining Drupal CMS framework-based websites or applications
  • Extensive experience in working on PHP programming language
  • Extensive experience in working on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Extensive experience in JavaScript frameworks like Angular/Node/React/Vue

Preferred Skills

  • Working experience in Drupal and PHP

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