Software/Web Development E-Commerce Developer

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Cloud Description

This TalentCloud is looking for experts who are able to develop and maintain e-commerce-based applications. The exports in this TalentCloud are required to conceptualize, design, produce, and deliver user-friendly and high-performing e-commerce site features and functionality.

Required Skills

  • Solid PHP or Java or Ruby or C# or .NET or Python programming language experience
  • Comprehensive understanding of a tool/platform like Magento or Demandware
  • Advanced understanding of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript
  • Advanced knowledge of MySQL database (developer fundamentals)
  • Advanced understanding of eCommerce platforms and systems
  • Must have strong SQL query development experience

Preferred Skills

  • Working experience in programming languages like Java or Python or PHP or Ruby or C# or .NET etc.
  • Working experience in technologies like Magento or Demandware etc.

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